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OS1st FS3 Forefoot Compression Sleeve

The FS3™ Forefoot Compression Sleeve offers relief in every step you take. Our protective, supportive, and comfortable split-toe design makes this a go-to for bunions or swelling. Unlike rigid bunion splints, braces, toe spacers or bunion pads, the Forefoot Sleeve can be worn as an insert in any shoe and even with your favorite sandals, including thong sandals. It’s ultra-soft, lightweight material and proper fit makes it easy to put on and wear whether barefoot or in your favorite pair of shoes.

Targeted Conditions:

Helps Toe Alignment
Reduces Friction
Forefoot Swelling

Performance Features:

Relief in every step you take
Protective, supportive, and comfortable split toe design
More comfortable than rigid bunion splints, braces or toe spacers and bunion pads

Comes with two (2) compression foot sleeves per package.

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