• Provides medical-grade leg compression that supports healthy leg muscles and joints
  •  Using  Compression Zone Technology combined with our ITBS band, this thigh compression sleeve relieves and prevents pain from quad strains, hamstring weakness, leg fatigue, and ITBS (Illiotibial Band Syndrome.)
  • The QS4 thigh compression sleeve has a sleek, form-fitting design with shaped-to-fit technology comprised of four graduated compression zones. These zones provide a range of light, moderate, and firm compression, creating ideal muscle leg compression support.
  • The QS4 provides maximum muscle stability and effective pain relief.
  • One sleeve per box

Bulk Discount Program on All Orthosleeve Products

  • Purchase 25-49 units receive 5% off
  • Purchase 50-99 units receive 10% off
  • Purchase 100+ units receive 15% off

*Discount is applied at time of invoicing.