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Corflex Compression Knee Immobilizer w/4 Gels

All styles of our Compression Knee Immobilizer (CKI) offer optimal immobilization of the knee and maximum patient comfort. Ideal for doctors offices, emergency rooms and surgery centers because of it’s universal sizing. Available with optional pockets to accommodate reusable gel packs, making it popular for post-op use.

  • Features sewn-in contoured posterior stays, movable medial/lateral stays and elastic compression straps for optimal immobilization; available with pockets to hold gel packs for cold/hot therapy.
  • Indicated for post-op immobilization and mild to severe knee injuries where full extension of the leg is desired.
  • Constructed of breathable foam laminate, aluminum stays, premium quality elastic straps and contact closure.
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18"L, 20"L, 22"L, 24"L, 16"L


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